If we ever have an emergency with any of our pets again, SAVES is the place to go!

Written by Shaylee | Groton, VT Hospital: SAVES

Daisy had 6 puppies 4 weeks ago!! Last week she started to act different. Laying around, having a hard time standing and walking. Also she was not eating and when she did she would get sick. We took her to our closest animal hospital and they treated her for hypocalcemia. The next morning we called our vet and he referred us to SAVES. She still wasn’t well. After a total of 3 nights there, lots of antibiotics, fluids, tests and surgery to remove her uterus we got our Daisy back!! It was very scary! I would never want to go through anything like that again. If we ever have an emergency with any of our pets again SAVES is the place to go!! Everyone was so awesome in the care Daisy received! Starting with the receptionists to the vet techs, Dr.’s and the surgeon. We were able to call anytime to get an update on how Daisy was doing. All the information was very thorough. The compassion was for real! I could not ever thank them enough for saving our fur baby! Bless you all for everything you do!




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