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About Our Veterinary Specialty Services

Our compassionate, experienced team understands how important your pet is to you – that’s why every veterinary specialty hospital in our organization offers highly-specialized care in many areas of expertise, as well as high-quality, round-the-clock emergency veterinary services. Established in 1979, the network of Ethos Veterinary Health hospitals in the east strives to meet the highest medical standards while maintaining a strong human-animal bond with our patients. Our specialists encourage a collaborative environment to ensure your pet receives holistic, comprehensive care.

At Ethos Veterinary health, we value the long-term relationships we have built with you, your family’s veterinarian and the pets you love.

As we continue to expand our range of veterinary specialty services, we remain committed to striving for the highest standards of medical excellence and for the utmost level of empathy in order to deliver high-quality, compassionate veterinary care. At the heart of everything we do is a respect for the human-animal bond and the relationships we develop with our clients, colleagues and the greater community of pet owners.

When you visit a veterinary specialty hospital in the Ethos Veterinary Health network, your pet can receive any of the following allied, ancillary and specialty services:

To learn more about the hospitals in the Ethos network, please call 781.897.6980. For all non-medical questions, use option 8.

When I was living in Malden, my cat, Caspian, was going through renal failure and diabetic shock. The Bulger Emergency clinic saw us several times....Read More

Receive Compassionate Veterinary Care at our Hospitals

The veterinary emergency and specialty hospitals in the IVG network have flexible hours to serve you and your pet when you need it most. Please call or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your pet’s specialty veterinary care today.

Ethos Veterinary Compounding

Ethos Veterinary Compounding is the only sterile and non-sterile pharmacy dedicated to veterinary-only compounding in New England.

Services Available At

  • Boston West Veterinary Emergency and Specialty
  • Bulger Veterinary Hospital
  • Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital
  • Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital

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Submit or Refill a Prescription:

Call 781.897.6936 or email pharmacy@ethosvet.com to order Rx refills and more.

Continuing Veterinary Education

Specialty Care and Emergency Veterinary Services

In addition to providing quality, specialized care and emergency veterinary services, each veterinary specialty hospital in the Ethos network also offers exclusive educational services to professionals in the field. Our goal at Ethos Veterinary Health is to ensure that each of our hospitals can serve as a valuable resource in the veterinary community, where we can work together to improve the latest specialty procedures and emergency veterinary services. For more information, please follow the link to VetBloom, our online learning platform.

In-hospital veterinary and technician lectures are regularly updated on our VetBloom platform.

Visit our nearest emergency veterinary hospital or contact us today to find out how the Ethos Learning & Development team can help further your veterinary education.

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