Visiting Your Pet

Scheduled In-person Visits

in patient at Mass VetContact with family members is an important part of your pet’s healing process, but rest and recuperation are essential aspects of recovery. Many patients become overly excited and sometimes anxious during and after their family’s visit, which can interfere with their treatment and rest time. Because of this, we ask that you limit family visits to 20 minutes, twice per day, as deemed appropriate by your medical team.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from visiting during the available time frames, please speak with your pet’s medical team so they can make arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Visiting hours are available throughout the day and include early morning and evening periods.

Please schedule your visit(s) in advance. A good opportunity for you to schedule your visit is during the admission process when you are in the hospital, or during your morning update call from a member of our medical team. If you wish to schedule a visit at any other time please call to speak with the liaison in the contact center who can schedule a visit for you.  We thank you for planning your visits to the hospital.

In order to facilitate patient treatments and provide your pet with the rest required to heal, it is important that visits be held at certain times of the day.

  • To aid in your pet’s treatment and recuperation, we ask that you limit visits to twice daily 20-minute sessions. Depending on the condition of your pet and how he or she responds to visit, your medical team may ask for additional limits on time or frequency of visits. We will only do this in the best interests of your pet, and his or her recovery.

What to Expect During Your Visit:

While scheduling a visit will help to minimize the time you have to wait before seeing your pet, please understand that our veterinary medical team members have multiple patients and you may occasionally experience a short wait.

  • Every morning and evening, your pet’s care is assigned to a member of our medical team. When you visit your pet this team member will give you updates on your pet’s behaviors and recent activities and treatments.
  • Due to the complexity of most medical cases, your pet’s care taker will not always be able to give you detailed diagnostic and prognostic information during your visit. You can expect to receive this type of information during your conversations with your pet’s veterinarian during your update calls.
  • While you are spending time with your pet it may help your pet’s condition for you to feed or take him or her for a short walk. Please be sure to ask one of our medical team members before doing so in case there are medical reasons to avoid feeding or walking outside.
  • While bringing things from home and leaving them for your pet may be comforting, please know that these articles may become soiled and will need to be washed, if this happens, we cannot always guarantee that they will be returned. Although we will make every effort to reunite you with your special item, please understand there is a real risk of loss. If something is genuinely special (a favorite toy, blanket, collar) we ask that you do not leave it at the hospital. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Cage Side Visits:Cage side visits for pets who are a little "too" comfortable

Cage side visits are for those patients who would benefit most from remaining on their current course of treatment, or those are unable to be moved. If you are asked to visit your pet in the ICU, a medical team member will escort you to your pet.

Due to limited space, cage side visits need to be limited to 2-3 people at a given time. In an effort to minimize the spread of contagious disease and prevent injury, please refrain from touching patients other than your own while in our hospital.

Exam Room Visits

A medical team member will bring you and your pet to an exam room and provide you with blankets and food bowls (if food is allowed) for your visit.

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