Our Mission: Quality Veterinary Care and Education

Ethos creates value by advancing the veterinary profession through our leadership in medicine, education, and our promotion of the human-animal bond. Our mission is founded on the principles of ensuring the highest standards of medical quality are always met, developing new opportunities for education for our staff, clients and pet owners in general, all with empathy for the pet and the owner at the core of our every interaction.

If you’d like your pet to receive high-quality veterinary care at one of our hospitals, please call the location nearest you to schedule an appointment.

Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond through our Core Values

To build upon and further illustrate our mission, Ethos has compiled six core values, which our team members follow each day in order to provide high-quality veterinary care and support the human-animal bond. These six core values are as follows:

  • Collaboration: We actively evoke and celebrate contributions from all internal and external sources, and believe that a collaborative approach will improve the outcome of all our endeavors.
  • Continuous Development: We will rigorously and objectively evaluate ourselves, with a focus on continual improvement of our leaders, team members, service delivery, client experience, and best practices.
  • Innovation: We will strive for creativity, adaptability, and constant improvement in all we do.  We will create impactful platforms that will enhance animal health and the world.
  • Integration: We will combine science, evidence, and the art of veterinary practice to provide the best possible care to the patients, clients, and community we serve.
  • Quality: We will provide the highest quality health care delivery, research, service, and products to all we serve through data driven metrics.
  • Teamwork: Our team consists of individuals coming together to create a culture that goes beyond the care of animals.  We care for each other.  We value integrity in all that we do.  This culture contributes to our unique environment and is the key to our future.  It’s more than a job; Ethos Veterinary Health is a great place to work.

We strive each day to better serve you and your pet – if you’d like to learn more about the Ethos network of hospitals, please call us at 781.897.6980 or contact us online today.

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