Manchester, NH Fire Deptartment Save Pets From Fire

Written on September 04, 2015 by Lauren Parece Hospital: IVG Hospitals

The Manchester, NH fire department responded to a fire on August 27th. Two cats and a dog were in the building and needed to be rescued.  They were able to remove all three pets from the fire. At the time of extraction, all three were unresponsive. Christopher Hickey, an EMS officer, was on the scene that day. He had been to a training session given by our own Dr. Beth Eisenberg, DACVECC at the Lexington Fire Department on CPR for animals. He mentions in a recent testimonial to us that, “If it was not for the training Dr Eisenberg provided to us/me on that day, none of the animals would have stood a chance.”iStock_000003448920XSmall

Unfortunately after over 30 minutes of CPR from the MFD, the dog passed despite the continued efforts of the ER team at the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester. The two cats survived after being given oxygen and CPR efforts by the MFD and were delivered to the same hospital.

We are incredibly proud of Christopher Hickey and the entire Manchester Fire Department for risking their lives to rescue pets just as they would a person stuck in a fire. We are gratified to know that our work has in any way impacted their ability to their difficult jobs.  A special thank you to Dr. Eisenberg for her ongoing efforts in CPR training to local fire departments. Mr. Hickey says in his testimonial below, that he will take on the task of training the firefighters at the Manchester FD on how to preform CPR on animals.

If you want to learn Pet CPR and first aid check out a Red Cross near you for upcoming classes.

Thank you to the Manchester FD for all their heroic efforts every day.  And thank you Christopher Hickey for sharing this video and slideshow of your efforts to save the cats and dog on Aug. 27. We are proud to be associated with you and your team!


Christopher Hickey’s Testimonial:

“I am a full time career Firefighter in Lexington and earlier this spring Dr Beth Eisenberg came to the Lexington Fire Department to provide training on performing CPR on animals. Recently I accepted a position as EMS Officer for the Manchester NH Fire Department and part of my responsibilities as the EMS Officer is to be the lead for medical care provided at Fire scenes. This past Thursday, August 27, we in Manchester responded to a reported building fire. Upon arrival, we had reports of animals, not people, trapped on the fire floor of the two family residence. Manchester FD Truck-1 and Engine-11 removed two cats and a black Labrador Retriever from the second floor. The black Labrador was moved to the middle of the street and found to be in cardiac arrest. The poor girl was still warm, and the training I received that day in the spring from Dr Eisenberg kicked in. I placed to Lab on her right side and began to administer compressions as I was taught on the left side just behind the shoulder blades. The members of the truck company and engine company had never seen nor been taught the proper methods for performing CPR on animals but they received a “crash course” in CPR. For over 40 minutes this black lab received CPR from myself, the Lieutenant from Truck-1 and a firefighter from Engine-11 at the scene, while being transported to the Emergency Vet Clinic in Manchester NH and while at the facility. Despite our efforts the poor girl succumbed to the smoke inhalation. We did, however, save the two cats from the scene via the same fashion and both were delivered to the Vet Clinic alive and independently moving/breathing. If it was not for the training Dr Eisenberg provided to us/me on that day, none of the animals would have stood a chance. We tried everything in our power to revive the lab to no avail. All of my crews (over 200 firefighters) will be learning from me what Dr Eisenberg taught so that we can all be prepared should that situation present itself again. Here is a link to a video taken from the scene showing the CPR and oxygen being provided to the animals. Thank you for all you do.”




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