Fall Pet Fashion: Dressed To The Nines

Written on October 01, 2015 by Dr. Krista Vernaleken Hospital: Bulger Veterinary Hospital

As the weather turns cooler, I find myself checking out all of the pet fashions available in stores. During the summer, it would be hard for me to consider clothing my dog; it’s hot enough! But once we head into the fall, and beautiful plaid barn coats and puffer jackets appear in the pet stores, I get to thinking.

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Layla showing off her New England style in Uggs and sweats. Must-haves for Fall.


There seem to be three main camps of dog owners:

The “Au natural”


Jester is a perfect example of a pup who is not into the fashion thing. She enjoys fur to grass contact!

The “Au natural” group feels very strongly that dogs should not be clothed. They may think it’s silly, undignified, or just plain unnecessary. Perhaps they have a dog breed with a thick, warm hair coat that truly doesn’t need clothing. Perhaps they feel pet fashions are overpriced. Or possibly they don’t believe in clothes themselves. Whatever the reason, clothing would never be a consideration for their dog.

The “Utilitarian”


Luka wearing his puffer jacket with fur lined hoodie, great for those cold Fall and Winter days.


The “Utilitarian” group believes that clothes are sometimes necessary for dogs, for a specific purpose. For dogs with a short coat, they may sport a fleecy barn coat, sweater, or raincoat. Such clothing is donned to keep a dog clean, dry, warm, or perhaps to avoid those annoying ice balls that cling onto the feathers of their legs in the snow. Sometimes these pets are known to don a witty Halloween costume. Such clothing can be rather plain, or could have some pizazz. I mean, if you HAVE to wear a coat, why shouldn’t it be stylish?

The “Fashionista”


Who said wedding fashion was just for humans? Emillee, wearing her designer gown, poses for the camera.


The “Fashionista” group is fully bought into the idea that pets should express themselves via clothing. They feel their pets are proud of their clothing and enjoy wearing it. Or possibly they just don’t care how their dog feels about it, but it’s just so darned cute! These dogs may be seen around town wearing logo sweatshirts, crowns, bows, hooded coats.

My trouble is that I’m in the “utilitarian” group (or maybe trending towards the fashionistas, let’s face it). But my dog is firmly in the “au natural” group. If she was a human, she would be a nudist. She gets sort of embarrassed and depressed when I dress her, even to the point of refusing to move. She will stand in one place for hours until I take the dumb jacket off.

I for one love to see pets in whatever fashions their owners have chosen. Whether nude, conservatively dressed, or decked out to the nines, it can be fun to dress your pet. And shouldn’t we all be having fun with our pets?


Show your pet’s wild side by posting your pet fashion photos on our Facebook page.

Pets fashion-01-01

UPPER LEFT: Posing quite perfectly for the camera is Emillee. She is showing off her red hooded sweater. LOWER LEFT: Layla looking too cool in her branded hoodie and shades. RIGHT: Logan with a raincoat and scarf, ready for the rainy weather.



Lucy is wearing her pink vest while out for a walk. Look at her strut her stuff!


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Harry and Allie sporting their Halloween costumes! They are ready for some treats!



Jayce wearing his powder blue hoodie making modeling look easy… and he knows it.


National Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14th!

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