We held her, all wrapped up in a blanket and talked to her

Written by Keri | Rye, NH Hospital: Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital

My 11 year old cat came down with some affliction nearly overnight that left her partially paralyzed and in so much pain throughout the rest of her body that she couldn’t move anything except her head. It was terrible.

Port City gave us the option of taking her to Portland for more tests to try and figure out what was wrong and to see if she could be helped. Port City did everything they could at their facility and kept her for three days, she showed no signs of improvement. One look in her eyes and your heart broke, she was so miserable and this was a cat that hated to be indoors or restrained in any way, she loved adventure and being outside.

WIth a heavy heart and a lot of discussion with Port City, we decided to put her to sleep. It seemed likely that she was suffering from some form of cancer that had been building over time and that was now putting pressure on her brain causing her paralysis and pain. Not wanting to put her through any more tests or pain and knowing the type of cat she was how miserable she would be throughout it all, we made this difficult choice with support from Port City.

The vet at Port City was amazing. I’ve been through a pet death once before, 15 years ago, and it was so traumatic and the vet was so horrible, I still think about it. This was completely different. I was given a private, nice room to stay with Lucy as long as I wanted. We held her, all wrapped up in a blanket and talked to her. When it was that awful time, the vet let me continue to hold her, talking to her the whole time as she closed her eyes and went to sleep. The vet was so nice, and so caring throughout it all.

Afterwards, Port City sent me a card with Lucy’s paw prints on it and a very thoughtful message.

This was such a horrible time and Port City was so wonderful throughout it. I will never again go anywhere else.

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