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Written by Sonya | Acton, MA Hospital: Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital

Billy has used up many of his nine lives. Before Christmas he got a blood clot that blocked circulation to both hind legs. He was in pain and incapacitated. After one night of care at a local emergency hospital, I brought him to Dr. Schutrumpf at MVRH, who is Billy’s cardiologist.

Billy was diagnosed and given a treatment plan. Dr. Schutrumpf explained everything clearly, including the prognosis and what to expect. Billy stayed at Mass Vet for two nights and received wonderful care from all the vet techs, especially Amy in Cardiology.

Our family was able to visit Billy every day that he was in the hospital and even see the cage in ICU where he was kept, which is unusual; I find that most vet places keep you out of the inner sanctum. Billy is improving gradually, with the help of Physical Therapist Jennifer Brooks. He can now “walk” on three legs and one knee, eat and drink by himself, and use his litter box. As Billy’s mother, I was very worried and upset about his condition, and the vets (Dr. Schutrumpf and Dr. Hatton) and vet techs (Amy and Jenna in Cardiology, and Jenn B in ICU) were extremely compassionate to me as well as Billy. There is no better place for pets with serious illnesses, or their owners.



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