The Doctors are the BEST!

Written by Rebecca | Nashua, NH Hospital: Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital

Around 6 years ago we woke up one Friday morning to see my dogs belly was all swelled up. We rushed her to Nashua Animal Hospital where we were told that my dogs liver was so bad that she only had a week to live (she had 8 pounds of fluid on her belly). I was devastated, she was only 10 months old. I refused to accept that news so I told them I wanted a second opinion, so I called mass vet referral hospital. Through the tears I told them what the vet told me. They got me right in to see the doctor the next morning. I spent the night crying and holding my little girl. The next morning we took Brandi Renee to see the doctor. We were seen by Dr. Phillips. She told us just from the test they did here in Nashua she could safely say my dog had at least 9 months to live, maybe longer.

Brandi was admitted into ICU where she stayed for 5 days. They did a biopsy on her liver and went ahead and spayed her. As her illness would prevent her from ever having puppies. That broke my heart, but whatever we had to do to save Brandi we did. When she was able to come home, she was on several medicines. The first year after seeing Dr. Phillips came and went, 2 years came and went. Here it is over 6 years later and my little girl is still alive and doing awesome. Even to the shock of her doctor my little girl is a fighter. Every year she went for her bile acid test and every year she was getting better and better. She probably will never get 100% healed however, I will never trust anyone else to take care of my dogs. Dr. Phillips is the best of the best and she takes the time to talk to you and makes sure all of our questions are answered.

Due to all the steroids Brandi was on she doubled in weight and one of her knees slipped out of socket, so she had to have knee surgery (done at Mass Vet). She is doing PT now to build up the strength in her leg. The orthopedic Dr. was shocked at how bad her knee was, but she fixed her. I am telling everyone who is looking for a vet. Mass Vet is the ONLY place to take your little furry friends. The staff there is awesome. The Doctors are the BEST!!!



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