She is like the Forest Gump of dogs, RUNNING more RUNNING.

Written by Jennifer | Epping, NH Hospital: Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital

zoeIn 2008, Zoe came into our life.  We adopted her at the shelter, not knowing much, just assumptions.  After several vet visits, her past history showed some signs.  It is highly likely she lived a horrible life as a puppy mill breading dog (solely there to have as many puppies as possible) then discarded as unwanted when she got to old to have any more litters.  After clearing up all of the medical issues that comes with a puppy mill rescue and teaching her how to play, slowly her personality is coming out.   

Her first eye appointment with Dr Nick Cassotis was in 2009, we thought she had early signs of cataracts, he tells us something different, a birth defect that her eyes are permanently dilated.  We visited a shop in Portsmouth that helped us find the right size doggles (dog goggles) for her.  On the ride home, with Doggles on, this was the very first time she stuck her head out the window like a normal dog. 

In 2013, we see that cataracts are forming and return again to see Dr Cassotis.  He does a full examination on Zoe, to see if she could benefit from the cataract removal surgery, is she blind.  Good News, her vision would be fine, she is cleared for the surgery.  

Now I did start by saying she came into our life in 2008, well she has not ever spent a night away from us since 2008, so that day I dropped her off was just heart wrenching, for this doggy Mom.  Knowing she was in great hands, taking my many calls, as well as calling me to reassure me she was doing just fine, I got through it.   

Her operation was November 2013.  She was home the next day. As Dr Cassotis described, the hardest part is keeping her still and with “THE CONE” for a week straight. In the house for the winter snowy months, the only running around playing has really only taken place on the small scale since we had such as long snowy winter. Well welcome spring and lots of grass, I have to say Zoe no longer walks and puts along, she RUNS everywhere, chases everything.  She is like the Forest Gump of dogs, RUNNING more RUNNING.   

She brings us so much joy, since 2008 with every improvement, a new and youthful playful dog. At 13 years old (assumed), she is a playful as any puppy.  Thank you to the caring, thoughtful and loving staff, and mostly to Dr Nick, you are wonderful. 

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