Mocha is Home and Recovering

Written by Dave | Saco, ME Hospital: Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital

Mocha in the sunOne afternoon in September, 2012, our cat, Mocha was unable to breathe enough and was frothing at the mouth. Our local vet referred us to Port City Vet Hospital. Mocha was dying.

As we entered the impressive facility in Portsmouth, we were rushed into a room and Mocha was whisked off to an oxygen incubator. His prognosis was grim. The Drs and staff at the hospital were extremely knowledgeable and caring. As they worked with Mocha over several days, we were encouraged to visit any time, day or night. We received daily (or twice daily) updates by phone besides.

Somehow, they pulled him through and we brought Mocha home. The admitting Dr seemed to be delighted and surprised at how things turned out and we all said it was a miracle.

Fast forward to Christmas week, 2013. Mocha has had a neurological event and prognosis was so grim that we knew if there was any hope, we had to drive him to Port City Vet Hospital. We brought him in to Dr Stephanie Sierra. She was genuinely concerned for Mocha and realized as we did that we should all prepare ourselves for the worst. After visiting him for two days, we decided on Christmas Eve that we would have to put him to sleep the next day since he was unable to walk or use the cat box or eat or drink. We decided on a time and received the necessary paperwork for the pet crematorium.

The Drs were so helpful, understanding and caring to us in our grief.

On Christmas morning, we got an update that made us anxious to visit because Mocha was walking, eating, drinking, etc. The Hospital had pulled him through again. When we arrived at the designated time, Stephanie was overjoyed with the outcome and joined us in calling him our Christmas miracle.

Mocha is home and recovering and is slowly remembering his favorite little things.

Thank you all at Port City from reception to direct care. You are an amazing group of people.



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