I’m sure I forgot to THANK YOU all for everything

Written by Theresa Lee | Wilmot, NH Hospital: SAVES

anjaDrs. Kelly, Horowitz and Hess and support staff -
I was so worried about taking care of the bill last Thursday, I’m sure I forgot to THANK YOU all for everything you did for Anya.  While we all wish the outcome had been different, I know everything that could be done, was done.

 I also wanted to especially thank one other person.  As I waited  2 Techs brought her out and put her in the car so I could take her home.  One of the girls turned, looked at me and promptly hugged me.  That simple gesture meant so much.  I will never forget the care, compassion and kindness extended to Anya and myself during those very painful 24 hours.  Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but it comes from the bottom of my heart.



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