I have definitely found a hospital for my potential various and sundry companions with fur

Written by Caroline | Roslindale, MA Hospital: Boston West Veterinary Emergency and Specialty

sneakyjakeYou know how Kinsey used a scale (coincidentally called the Kinsey scale) to determine one’s degree of hetero- or homosexuality? (I swear to God this is related to my testimonial.) There’s a similar thing with cat ownership. I call it the Crazy A$$ Tabby-Cat Ownership Spectrum Yay! (or  CAT-COSY.) It’s very scientific. On one end is Absolute Batsh!t Cat Lady, which means that you wear Bedazzled sweater vests with cat patches and googly eyes. On the other end is Reformed Dog Person, people who out of necessity (read: apartment living) get a cat and train it to act like a dog, yet are for all intents and purposes, cat owners.

I’m about two centimeters and a dream from Absolute Batsh!t Cat Lady.

Thankfully, the staff at IVG don’t judge and understand this brand of crazy :] So, when my cat Jake who usually acts like a German Shepherd fed a strict diet of anabolic steroids and Muscle Milk around food became increasingly lethargic and anorexic, I knew things weren’t right. After a week and a battery of diagnostics, culminating in an abdominal ultrasound that confirmed his GI obstruction, I immediately knew who to call; Dr. Amato. Dr. Amato knows ‘Jakenstein’ well – she performed a different surgery [cystotomy] on him last Oct. So Jake and Dr. Amato have a  .… relationship.  [Apparently, I get the “defective” ones and he doesn’t have a warranty. Pro tip: buy AppleCare].

While it may sound strange to say I couldn’t have had a better time at IVG since, well, my cat was well on his way to death, I’m actually going to say it! The gal at the front desk instantly put me at ease and had me laughing – yes, laughing! [all while I was experiencing a mental breakdown in my head]. If anyone is going to find humor in my cat’s third [yes, THIRD]  foreign body surgery, it’s  her. It was exactly what I needed [seriously, what the hell is he eating anyway?!?!]. More than that, the entire staff worked incredibly hard and quickly to examine, stabilize and treat my cat [AND me!]. I’m a veterinary technician, but when it’s your own pet, everything you know to be rational ceases to exist. So I cannot express how important communication and bedside manner are and, sadly, how rare it can be.

When Jake arrived at IVG Dr. Amato was just finishing her shift, however, he needed to be rehydrated and stabilized for several hours prior to surgery.  So, what does she do? Dr. Amato goes home [to her family!], comes BACK to the hospital very late [or early in the AM] to perform the surgery herself – she’s THAT dedicated. Naturally, there would be a storm and electricity went out for a little while, so his surgery was delayed, but Dr. Amato stayed; I got my ‘Hooray! It went well!’ phone call at around 3:30a. Moreover, I received another  phone call later in the AM from the attending veterinarian. I’ll be honest, I’ve been to Angell Memorial, it’s a great hospital, but there’s NO way I would have received this kind of sincere and individual care and attention. IVG offers the same caliber of medicine as Angell but with a much friendlier and “homey” manner; you’ll never feel like a number!

Lastly, while I don’t like to equate my cat to dollar signs, I’d be lying if I said it isn’t an issue. IVG is extremely reasonable [I’m in the industry, I know these things] and works with owners to give their pet the best treatment. Priceless was the bedside manner, the customer service, the general oh-how-droll attitude [which is exactly what I needed in my moment of panic!].  I have definitely found a hospital for my potential various and sundry companions with fur [read: Jake!].

I am eternally grateful for all they’ve done and will continue, without hesitation, to refer friends and clients. THANK YOU IVG METROWEST!!

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