From the beginning, they were SO pleasant!

Written by Amanda Nyman | North Andover, MA Hospital: Bulger Veterinary Hospital

My 14-year old chihuahua is of pretty good health considering her age. I came home yesterday to her very lethargic and noticed she could not putIMG_1951 any weight at all on her back right leg. So, after thinking of what to do, trying to avoid an animal hospital as it’s so expensive, I ultimately ended up coming here to Bulger. From the beginning, they were SO pleasant! They were with me in a timely manner, and when I went to ring up the transaction in the end, unfortunately. Situation occurred with the card. I had some cash on me that I put toward the payment, but They told me don’t worry things come up, but of course, they expect a payment promptly as possible. They still gave my pet the care she needed, the meds to help with her inflammation and pain, and what I needed to go home! I will be making Bulger my primary/main vet/hospital for my animals moving forward! I’m so thankful and grateful for their service and can only hope and pray more vets become as sincere, helpful, knowledgeable, and caring as they are!



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