Maddy was never just a dog. She is my dog.

Written by Brooke Stein | Wayland Hospital: Boston West Veterinary Emergency and Specialty

Last month, my beloved wheaten terrier, Maddy, had a medical crisis that brought us to your hospital. She escaped through a fence gate left open by roofers, unbeknown to us. She ran out into the middle of a busy road and was hit by a snow plow. We got her inside, bleeding and in shock. I was a mess, trying to keep it together as my two young children, ages 3 and 5 were home at the time and witnessing the entire event. Having grown up in the Metrowest area, I considered taking her to Angell or Tufts as I awaited the arrival of my parents to watch the kids. Neither seemed like a good option as they were further from Wayland than I wanted to drive. I called the local vet on the off chance that they might be able to see Maddy. The kind receptionist at the Wayland vet hospital referred me to IVG MetroWest. To be honest, I didn’t even know of your presence in the area and my expectations were pretty low since I hadn’t heard of you. But it was a place to start and it was close. So I called, and the gentleman on the phone was kind and calm and helpful. 

When I got Maddy to IVG, Ellen was behind the desk and super sweet, friendly and helpful. She quickly got us settled into an exam room and the vet tech quickly got Maddy in back and the team examined and stabilized her. I was amazed by the speed with which Dr. Silk assessed Maddy and shared that information with me. She was calm, empathetic and honest as she discussed Maddy’s condition with me. Over the next couple of days, as the doctors decided that surgery would be the best plan to fix Maddy’s broken pelvis, both Dr. Silk and Dr. Amato discussed every aspect of the plan with me. They were open, honest, empathetic…I knew that Maddy was in great hands. 

And on that Saturday, just three days after the accident, Maddy walked out of IVG Metrowest with a brand new stainless steel pelvis. And she has been miraculously healing since. Ten days after the surgery, I brought her back to IVG to get her staples removed and was so pleased to see the staff give Maddy a hero’s welcome, giving her lots of hugs and snuggles and they were so genuinely happy to see her walk in. Maddy was proud as a peacock as she strutted out back to get her staples removed. 

You see, Maddy was never just a dog. She is my dog. She has been with me through a lot. She is a brave and loyal companion. It is hard for me to endure the guilt I feel for not checking the gate to make sure the roofers closed it when they left the day before. But I am so grateful to the entire crew at IVG MetroWest that returned Maddy to me and have given me the chance to be a loyal and brave companion to Maddy. 

Thank you! 



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