IVG Newsletter – February 2016 Edition

Written on February 05, 2016 by Staff Veterinarian

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  • Update: Seizure Management FAQ and Anticonvulsant Formulary. Written by Mark T. Troxel, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)
    Management of seizures is an art.  There is no 100% correct way to treat seizures and neurologists often have differences of opinion regarding medications. The goals of this article are to answer many of the frequently asked questions about seizure treatment in dogs & cats and to provide information regarding the more commonly used anticonvulsants. Please note that some of the information below is my personal view on seizures and their treatment. I have tried to identify where the information is based on my opinion.  … Read More…
  • Case Report: Duke, 12y MN DSH: Written by Jennifer Brisson, DVM, DACVR
    Severe Dental Disease.
    Presented for dental cleaning and extractions. Adopted from shelter 2 years prior.
    Physical Exam: Diffuse moderately increased bronchovesicular sounds bilaterally. Normal cardiac auscultation. Thin body condition.  … Read More…

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