Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics

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Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital


Port City and OrthoPets

Through our partnership with Orthopets, and in keeping with our dedication to ensuring all of our clients return to a high quality of life, the sports medicine and rehabilitation team at Port City are able to provide patients with custom Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics (VOP) as an alternative to surgery, if for any reason, surgery is not the right choice for your pet.

Depending on your pet’s condition, an assistive device may provide improved mobility, functional independence, increased strength and/or quality of life and can prevent compensatory injuries.

Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics (VOP) Include:

  • Custom Braces (for knees, hips, ankles and more)
  • Custom Prosthetics (as a replacement for a missing/amputated limb)
  • Wraps and supportive devices
  • Cart measuring and fitting
  • Harness fittings
  • Other Adaptive devices

Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital is the only OrthoPets partner clinic in New England providing these advanced medical services to pets. OrthoPets partner clinics are located in 35 countries. Team members must be a veterinarians who is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist to qualify initially. Once selected the doctor will undergo extensive training in biomechanics of orthotic and prosthetic devices. Orthotic and prosthetic device options are developed for your pet’s individual needs through careful planning, measurements, observational evidence, fittings and refittings (as needed) and rehabilitation.

About OrthoPets

OrthoPets is the leader in V-OP (Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics) industry. They set the bar for patient care through innovative biomechanical solutions, and continue to push the bar higher through customization and advancements with the best outcomes for the patient as their guiding force.  To date, OrthoPets has worked on over 13,000 pets in 35 different countries. Their most fabricated device is the OrthoPets Stifle Orthosis (dog knee brace) for the canine cranial cruciate injury (dog knee brace for acl/ccl injury).

OrthoPets New England at Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital is a team of experts, led by Dr. Heather York, DVM, CCRT, from the fields of:

  • Veterinary orthopedic surgery
  • Veterinary sports medicine
  • Veterinary rehabilitation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Human orthotics & prosthetics

orthopets braces-01

What to Expect:

As with human assistive devices, fitting and acclimating your pet to their new brace may take a little time. As a partner clinic , all fittings and some adjustments can be made by Dr. Heather York and her skilled team of veterinary technicians.

The process for your pet’s VOP device will include:

  • Initial Consult
  • Patient assessment
  • Client assessment
  • Impression/Measurements
  • Initial Fitting
  • 2 week Recheck
  • Weekly Rehabilitation Therapy x 6 weeks
    • Muscle strengthening
    • Reconditioning

prosthetics-23Orthotic and Prosthetics – Injuries and Devices:

Common Injuries by joint, that can be treated with a custom device or brace, in combination with physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Braces and Prosthetic Solutions

OrthoPets offers custom made devices for pre-op, post-op, and non-op orthopedic solutions for pets. Orthotic (braces) and prosthetic (re-placement of limb) devices are custom made by digitally scanning a fiberglass impression of a patient’s limb. This digital scan creates a 3-D model of the patients limb with is digitally sculpted to create the final shape of the device that will be fabricated through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques including computer aided milling and carving, vacuum forming, 3-D printing, and assembly.

If your pet has a stifle (knee joint), tarsus (hock joint), carpus(wrist joint), elbow joint injury or is missing part of a limb, the teams at Orthopets and Port City can help.

To see pictures and learn more about the different orthotic and prosthetic device solutions available, please click the links below.


Adaptive Devices

Patients who present with unique orthopedic conditions can sometimes appear as though there are no solutions available. This patient population can present with uncommon orthopedic presentations, uniquely deformed limb segments, missing portions of limb segments, and unknown trauma. It is our mission to see that these patients can be considered for unique orthotic or prosthetic solutions.

When a patient is viewed with the understanding that an accommodative solution could be considered, it becomes possible to develop an adaptive solution to meet these challenging case requirements.
OrthoPets has developed several revolutionary solutions to meet the needs or our unique patient requirements.

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