Fluoroscopy/Interventional Radiology

This service is available at:
Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital

Dr. John MacGregor, a boarded cardiologist, using fluoroscopy to implant a pacemaker into a Husky puppy at Mass Vet.

Fluoroscopy uses x-rays to display live images in real time on a computer screen. The technology also acquires x-ray movie clips of the procedure.

This dynamic evaluation of a patient, allows us to image a region of interest continuously, while simultaneously watching on the screen. The machine, called a C-arm, also allows for rotation around the patient so that images can be obtained from any angle.

A pacemaker has been implanted into the right ventricle of the heart under flouroscopic guidance.

Examples of studies performed in fluoroscopy include:

  • Airway evaluation – eg. for tracheal collapse
  • Swallowing studies (esophagography)
  • Contrast (dye) studies – eg. of the urinary tract

Above are three images of a canine thorax.
a. A healthy thorax. The green line outlines a healthy trachea.
b. A Pomeranian’s collapsed trachea.
c. A tracheal stent has been placed under fluoroscopic guidance to open up the airway.

Flouroscopy is also used for minimally invasive or interventional treatment options as well.  These procedures include:

  • Tracheal stent
  • Urethral stent
  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Balloon Valvuloplasty – Eg. For Pulmonic stenosis
  • Repair of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
  • Biopsy and Needle aspirates

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