Your dog may need to see this eye doctorMay 03, 2017

The Boston Globe- By Cindy Atoji Keene, GLOBE CORRESPONDENT,  


Photo from The Boston Globe

“Eye surgery on a gorilla? It’s a very delicate operation. Not just because of the obvious reasons — working with a large primate under anesthesia — but also because gorillas have extremely thin corneas. Veterinary ophthalmologist Ruth Marrion frequently performs corneal surgeries on dogs and cats, but — as you might imagine — usually not on gorillas. Marrion, who provides veterinary ophthalmology services to Zoo New England, spent hours prepping for the procedure — one false move could have perforated the animal’s eye.”

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We are so lucky to work with Dr. Marrion. She is brilliant, kind, and selfless. Outside of her daily work at Bulger, she provides her skills and services to the zoo, aquarium, and MSPCA. She is looked up to by technicians and doctors throughout IVG and the region.


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