Tiny turtle makes long trek with one lungNovember 21, 2016

onelungturtle111916-png-1479579290Herald Tribune, Sunday Nov. 20, 2016 – A plucky young green sea turtle rescued off Cape Cod last month is being hailed as a “biological mystery” by New England Aquarium officials after an X-ray revealed the courageous reptile managed to travel thousands of miles with only one lung.

The 2- or 3-year-old turtle, which has yet to be named by staffers at the aquarium’s sea turtle hospital in Quincy, is believed to be the first in the decades-long history of the aquarium’s rescue program to have been born with only one lung, according to Senior Biologist Julika Wocial.

turtleCT“We already knew he was exhibiting the symptoms before we put him in water,” Wocial told the Herald yesterday. “As soon as we put him in water, you could see right away, he tilted almost vertically to one side.” … Read More

For more information about the turtle and with answers to your questions about what to do if you find a sea turtle washed up on the beach, the full article is available here. 

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