Afterthoughts: Pet insurance a sound investmentFebruary 04, 2019

Wicked Local – By Jennie Oemig, January 30, 2019 – While having health insurance is required by law for humans these days, the same is not true for pets. Though it might not exactly be an affordable option for everyone, especially those with multiple dogs or cats, it’s definitely something to consider if you have a curious critter at home.

From the minute my fiance, Jason, and I rescued our cat, Fredward, and witnessed his rambunctiousness, we had an inkling that pet insurance would be a worthwhile investment.

In our old apartment, he’d play on the stairs and the railing like a youthful, vibrant kitten, throwing caution to the wind and tempting the fate of falling roughly 10 feet to the landing below. Each and every time he would scale the railing, I’d grimace in fear.

Fast forward to today. In our single-family home, we don’t have nearly as many precarious places for him to show off his superior agility.

But, alas, he likes to chew on things most cats normally wouldn’t, namely plastic. It’s a condition called pica, and over the past couple years, we’ve caught Fredward gnawing on everything from resealable bags to candy wrappers to lanyards.

While working on one of my many crafting projects late Friay night, Fredward got a hold of a short piece of yarn. Before I realized it, he had pushed it down to the floor and commenced chewing on it.

And then I saw him start to struggle trying to get it out of his mouth; a cat’s tongue has barbs on it, which makes it difficult for them to do anything but swallow objects once they’re caught in the spines. Unfortunately, before I was able to corral Fredward and help get it out of his mouth, the yarn had disappeared, nowhere to be found.

And then the fear set in. I’d watched enough veterinary shows on Animal Planet to know we needed to get Fredward to a veterinarian pronto; that little piece of yarn could get caught on the way down and wreak havoc on his digestive system. So, we grabbed him, put him in his crate and headed to the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn around 1 a.m. on Saturday.

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