7 Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them On Valentine’s Day

Written on February 11, 2019 by Samantha Houde Hospital: SAVES- Small Animal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty

For many of us, when we think of Valentine’s12819393_1008850885856644_4764949360803065045_o Day we think of chocolate, flowers, and going out for romantic meals with our significant others. But this year, let’s think about laser pointers, tug of war, and long winter walks because we are going to show some love to our pets!

There are so many ways we can show our pets how much we love them. They show us so much unconditional love all year long, so it just makes sense to want to downright spoil them a few times a year! Here are a few ideas of ways you can make show your love for your furry friend.

#1: Make them a special dinner or treat

There are many foods that we regularly indulge in that our pets should not have, but there are some that in the right amount our pets can enjoy right along with us! If your pet is especially fond of a meat and/or vegetable, try making them a small amount to share the special occasion. Just remember to boil the meat so your dog doesn’t consume large amounts of fat that might lead to some GI problems! If they prefer their regular kibble or cookies, then you can always make them a homemade treat.

Check out our Ethos Pet Kitchen series for lots of easy, healthy pet recipes!

Cats may enjoy a few bites of canned tuna or canned chicken. Just remember if they are on a special diet to ask your vet first!

#2: Take your dog for a walk and let them do what makes them happy!

If you have a dog that loves to frolic through the snow during walks, or prefers to stop and sniff every corner, take them out and let them do whatever makes them happy! Take a chance to enjoy being outside with your best friend instead of just rushing through the daily walk.

12829492_1008850825856650_5465591800944777154_o#3: Give their bed and blankets a good cleaning

Pets can be dirty, hairy, and stinky so what better way to show our pets some love than to freshen up their bed. Unlike us, they cant throw their dirty stuff in the wash. Keeping your pets bed, blankets, and toys clean helps to reduce any allergens that may settle there as well as bacteria, making it a healthier environment for both your pup and your family.

#4: Take a moment to make sure your pet is up to date with all their medical needs

Just like they can’t do their own laundry, our pets cant take themselves to the vet either. Even if it isn’t their favorite place to go, they need a check up and vaccines regularly. February is a great time to ensure your pet is up to date before the busy spring and summer days come around!

#5: Do some grooming

Another great way to show your pet some love is “brush up” on their grooming. Many long-haired dogs and cats will develop mats behind their ears, on their back, or under their belly. These mats can become uncomfortable if they become too big so do them a huge favor and take them off! You can do this with a good pair of clippers (NOT SCISSORS!!) or with a brush/comb if they are very small or newly formed. Even shirt-haired pets benefit from a good brush-through. You could even spoil them with a spa day at the groomer’s!

#6: Start a new routine

Our pets love routines because it takes12139959_1008850849189981_2155504306560984790_o the uncertainty out of their day. There are a lot of new routines you can implement that with a little patience and love your pet will benefit from! One is to start brushing their teeth: doing this once a day is ideal, but even if you only do it every Sunday their oral health will be that much better for it! Or you can implement something a bit more fun, such as spending five minutes everyday when you get home just petting or playing with your pet. This is a great chance to bond with your furry friend who is JUST SO HAPPY YOU’RE FINALLY HOME!

#7: Do a photo shoot

There are likely lots of aspiring photographers in your area that would love to work with you and your pet to take some great photos at a reasonable price. Pictures of your pet are a fantastic way to cherish them and remember all the fun times you’ve had together. Many pets will love all the extra attention! Not to mention all the likes you’ll get on Facebook and Instagram when you post those pictures!

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, we know your pet is going to love you just as much, if not more, than they already do!

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