The Weather Outside is Frightful, but our Spa is so Delightful

Written on January 26, 2011 by Staff Veterinarian

Just because the warm weather is behind us it doesn’t mean your pet’s grooming needs are reduced.

The harsh winder cold and indoor heat are just as drying to your pet’s skin and coat as they are to your skin. Regular brushing can stimulate your pet’s natural oils, and the moisturizing baths that your groomer offers can help keep dry, irritated skin under control.

Keeping your pet on his or her regular haircut schedule is also important. Long, matted hair acts like a sponge in wet winter conditions, holding moisture next to your pet’s skin causing hot spots and unpleasant odors from infections. The better alternative is to keep the hair shorter and provide your pet  with a coat or a sweater.

Dogs’  feet also need to be kept free from burning salt and mats. Matted toes collect snow and ice causing discomfort. A day at the spa could be just the ticket to soothe your pet’s winter woes.

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