Region to roast on Friday – North Andover, MA – North Andover Citizen

Written on July 21, 2011 by Staff Veterinarian

Region to roast on Friday – North Andover, MA – North Andover Citizen.

Dr. Krista Vernaleken, medical director at Bulger Veterinary Hospital on Chickering Road in North Andover, said owners need to take reasonable precautions to keep their pets safe in extreme heat.

Dogs, cats and rabbits have difficulty with sustained heat of 80 degrees or more. The larger the animal, the more dangerous the heat can be, she said.

While cats will likely find a cool nook in their homes during the hottest parts of the day, dogs need a little more human intervention to stay safe.

Dogs should never be left in a closed car or a small enclosed space.

They should be kept indoors, with plenty of fresh water, and air conditioning, if possible, Vernaleken said.

A dog’s internal temperature should be kept below 104 degrees, she said. Bathing a dog in room-temperature water and leaving him damp can help keep him cool.

Dogs should not be left outdoors in sunny areas, even if they have water-filled wading pools to climb into. Many breeds popular to this area, such as retrievers and Labs, will get into the water, but other breeds don’t like the water and wouldn’t get in on their own.

Vernaleken said the veterinary practice has treated dogs for heat stroke that have been left outdoors without shelter on very hot days.  Dogs whose internal temperatures reach or exceed 104 degrees should receive medical attention, she said.

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