New Year’s Resolutions With Your Pet 

Written on December 21, 2018 by Lauren Parece Hospital: Ethos Veterinary Health

4….3….2…1… Happy New Year! Each year around this time we make promises to ourselves and loved ones to do better and be better. Many of us may keep those resolutions well into the year, or even for a lifetime. As you start to think about your resolutions, consider including your pets in those promises and goals! Here is a list to help you get started. 

 1. Try a New Activity

Enlight1082It’s almost guaranteed that your pet will enjoy anything you do with them, but adding something new can rejuvenate your regular routine. There are many things you can try at home or out and about: yoga, hike a new mountain, join a Meetup pet group, snowshoeing, and so much more.  

2. More Play TimeIMG_0830

Adding a few extra hours of playtime a week can have a lasting effect on your growing relationship. Your pet will surely take notice, and you may even feel your stress levels decrease and health improve.

3. Schedule a Routine Doctor’s Visit

A visit to the veterinarian is more than getting up-to-date on vaccines. Early detection of many diseases can be found with just a physical exam and basic blood panel. Your health is important too! If you have been putting others before your own health, think about scheduling a visit with your doctor or specialist.

4. Measure Your Pet’s Food Every Time

food cupSometimes we may just grab the closest cup to us, but “1 cup” really depends on the cup you are using. If you have been eyeballing the kibble amounts, try using a measuring cup to create consistency in your pet’s diet. Your family veterinarian can help calculate the exact amount you should be feeding your pet based on their weight, activity level, and brand of food they eat.

5. Groom Your Pet

IMG_0518Brushing your pet can help form a tighter bond between you. That is, if your pet doesn’t hold a particular grudge towards the brush. Plan to sit down and brush your pet at least once a week. Long-haired pets, or those prone to mats, will need daily brushing.

6. Brush Their Teeth

Veterinarian brushing cat teathOkay, this is a tough one. Even veterinary professionals have a hard time honestly saying we do this every day, but the fact is, pets do need consistent teeth brushing. Once a day would be ideal, but even if you can work into your weekly routine, you could prevent certain diseases that stem from bacteria in the mouth, or a large dental surgery in their future.

7. Enroll in Pet Insurance

IMG_0770Emergencies can hit you at the worst times. Take the financial burden out of caring for your pet. Insurance company’s monthly fees start as low as $20 a month and can cover 75-100% of emergency costs. Take a look at our Pet Insurance Blog for insightful ways to select the right company for you.

Dog waiting to get delicious treat outdoors.8. Teach Them a New Trick

No pet is too old to learn something new. Have you always wanted your pet to ‘roll over’, ‘spin’, or ‘give high-five’? This is the year!

9. Schedule a Photoshoot

IMG_0491On any given #SundayFunday, get your phone out and snap some photos of your pet. Organize your mobile photo albums so you have your pets all in one place to enjoy the next time you are having a rough day at work. Share those photos with us on Facebook!

10. Consider Fostering

There are many rescues and shelters in need of foster parents. Have a discussion with your family to see if fostering is something you can do.

11. A Pet Bucket List

IMG_0795Do you have a senior pet? Make a list of the most enjoyable activities you can think of, and create a bucket list that both of you can enjoy. Take a road trip, go on a pet-friendly vacation, get an extra special treat while out for a drive. Whatever you think your pet would love, create an extra special experience for them this year.

Happy New Year!

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