IVG now has a mobile site!

Written on December 26, 2012 by Staff Veterinarian

Check it out!IVG's new mobile site - homepage

There are a couple of things to note about the new site…

1. It’s not an App. There’s nothing to download. An app is on the horizon, but a few years away.

2. When you go to IVGHospitals.com on a mobile phone – the full site will pop up with a little green hover box asking if you want to use the mobile site… This is intentional*.

3. If you want to go directly to the mobile site you can simply type in:  http://mobile.ivghospitals.com & you will bypass step 2.

Some cool features…

1. Clicking on “show me the nearest ER hospital will give you a list of our hospitals in order of what is nearest… if you select a hospital & type in your address, you’ll get turn by turn directions.  (We couldn’t get it to auto-populate “current location” so we had to compromise here)
We addressed this issue by building in some intentional redundancy: you can get our addresses & directions both by clicking the ER link and by clicking the address of the hospital in the menu below the name.


2. Clicking on the address will take you directly to your phone’s map software, which will let you popluate “current location” … handy for when someone is lost.

3. Clicking the phone number will dial the number for you.  Handy if you are panicking and worried and/or driving.

4. On the hospital page we decided to put a picture of the building front & center. We hoped this would help you identify the building when you get there!

We spent a lot of time and energy trying to ensure the mobile site is easy to navigate, easy to read and useful.

It is similar to the desktop site, but it is not identical. The differences are there to ensure the experience is tailored to a positive browsing experience on a mobile device.


We hope the new site offers some useful functionality!

Take me to the mobile site!


* Technical Mumbo Jumbo:
We decided to direct the user to the full site first on a mobile device rather than automatically redirecting to a mobile site so both sites can exist in parallel.

In other words – since the two sites are not identical, some links will take you directly to the desktop site… e.g. all of the doctors’ bios. Allowing both sites to run on a mobile device gives the user the ability to use the mobile site for some stuff & the full site for other stuff.

If we set the mobile site to automatically redirect to the mobile site on a phone, you would be in an eternal loop… this is what would happen:

User: Go to this page:  http://www.ivghospitals.com/staff-member/krista-m-vernaleken-vmd/
Phone: hmm. that exact page isn’t here… oh well, here’s this other page: ivghospitals.com … close enough. Good luck!
User: Rats! I’m trying to look up this doctor – oh look, a link for the “full site” …
Phone:  Nice try, I see you are using a mobile device… here is the mobile site.
User: arrrrghhh! I hate mobile sites!!!!
Phone: Mission accomplished, I am a good phone. Have a nice day.

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