5 Tips for the Waiting Room of a Veterinary Emergency Hospital

Written on July 13, 2018 by Marissa Ann Pirkey Hospital: Boston West Veterinary Emergency & Specialty

One of the most harrowing experiences a pet-parent can face is waiting in the lobby of a veterinary emergency hospital. Every day, we see folks on some of the worst days they’ve had and can understand the toll it takes on a person. The waiting game can be frustrating, and in the event of a pet emergency it’s unlikely you had time to grab your favorite novel or book of puzzles to keep your mind busy. With the tips and tricks below, we hope that your experience waiting for your precious pet while in the ER becomes a bit more tolerable.


Tip #1: Friends & Family Support


Call friends or family members for support. A half-hour can feel like an eternity while waiting for your beloved to have a diagnostic test or exam performed; talking with people you love can make this wait feel like less of a burden. No one should have to go through an experience like a Vet ER alone so we highly recommend reaching out.


Tip #2: Social Media Support


Log into your social media and ask for support from your online communities – this is often a great way to build the support system you may need. There are countless online communities with members that are eager to shower you with support and comfort in your time of need. Talking with people who have gone through the same or similar situations can make you feel better, and give you an idea of what’s to come.


Tip #3: Keep the Kids Busy

Tabby kitten on table with pencils

If you have small children with you, we all know things become more complicated. Most of our Ethos hospitals have dedicated children’s books and toys to occupy those active minds. Even when times get pretty scary, asking our client service team for crayons and a coloring book can be just what your little one needs to make it through the wait.


Tip #4: Get Some Air

Image-3 2

Get some fresh air. Nature is inherently soothing and relaxing so getting outside to take a short walk down our tree-lined street may be just what you need to ease your nerves. There’s even a small walking path through a wooded area in our immediate vicinity that we would be happy to direct you to if you want to be immersed in nature.


Tip #5: Food, Drinks, & Television


After your walk outside, you may want to rest in our comfortable television room where you have easy access to our coffee machine and tea station. We know that more serious cases may take some extra time so additional caffeine might be just what you need to stay alert. We have extended cable access at Boston West and invite you to watch some of your favorite programs, although we know Animal Planet is almost always the number one choice.

At our other Ethos hospitals, we have similar setups with coffee stations, snacks, and quiet areas with TVs to keep your mind off of your stress and waiting.



These tips are meant to provide you with ideas to utilize during your visit with us. We know that emergencies can be very difficult to handle both emotionally and physically. If there is anything that we can do for you, please ask. We are a family of pet-parents here at Boston West and our other hospitals and we know what you’re going through. Our caring team of animal lovers will be happy to assist you with anything you need.

Take a deep breath, we’re here for you.



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