Help us Raise money to Donate Oxygen Masks to Local FirestationsPosted on May 25, 2011

Bulger Veterinary Hospital, is raising money to provide local fire stations with oxygen masks for pets. The fund raiser began in March 2011 and had been scheduled to end in June

Sadly house fires and the devastation they cause are a fact of life. Veterinary emergency hospitals see the effects of house fires on family pets on a regular basis. The effects of smoke inhalation can be fatal if not treated quickly, yet fire stations are often not equipped to treat the animals they save from fires. The psychological implications of this lack of equipment on both the families and the firefighters can be demoralizing.

Bulger’s goal is to raise enough funds to donate 134 oxygen mask kits to fire stations in the towns and cities surrounding North Andover that have declared their need. The response has been both gratifying and overwhelming! To date Bulger has raised enough money to purchase over 75 oxygen mask kits.

Interested parties may donate at Bulger Veterinary Hospital in North Andover; we accept cash and credit cards.

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