15 Pet Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Written on September 19, 2017 by Lauren Parece, Sommer Aweidah, Rachel Gillis Hospital: Creative Marketing Team, Ethos Veterinary Health

Pet social media accounts have been steadily increasing in number, enabling some real distraction and cuteness overload for humans around the world.

We can attest as the Ethos Creative Marketing team that these accounts have been proven to lower stress levels, stabilize blood pressure, and reduce tension after a long day. (These statements in no way have been proven or collaborated by a medical professional or the FDA, but we feel as marketers we are the experts when it comes to Instagram health.)

Internet animals are a reliable, holistic, anti-stress medication. The wealth of options ranges from funny cat YouTube videos to your neighbor’s dog’s Facebook account. As an added bonus, they come with no side-effects, and do not require a prescription from a doctor.

We support the growth of these accounts and want to share our favorites with you. From our perspective, we have selected the following accounts for the personality of the pet that hosts them, as well as their outstanding photography and storytelling. Please also note, we are in no way affiliated with any of these accounts, other than that we follow them and they bring us joy.

Enjoy and proceed with caution:



Lauren’s Top 5



This wirehaired gentleman hails from England and enjoys swimming, his ball, and playing with fellow wirehaired pups. Brian’s photos are bright and fun, but his videos stand out most when showing off his stubborn and hilarious personality.


Jasper’s account is showered with professional level photography and it only helps that Jasper is one of the most photogenic dogs online. This account is for the adventure fan #adventuredogsofinstagram



Cats still dominate the internet and Louie is the most unique feline out there. His account is full of Louie’s kayaking and hiking adventures. He accompanies his humans on leash and really lives up to his Instagram handle.




Jimmy is another wirehaired canine that showcases great photography that tells a story without having to read the status below. It also helps that Jimmy is a handsome boy who is quite comfortable being a model.



Sticky Pets is home to multiple pets and even some wildlife photography. Their use of HDR (high dynamic range) photography makes this account stand out.



Sommer’s Top 5



There is a soft spot in my heart for artists and epically well trained, sweet-heart dogs. The story here: Rafael’s girlfriend left him and took all the furniture. Left with nothing but a bare apartment, his dog (Jimmy) and some time on his hands, Rafael built himself a happy online home. Dogs will cure what ails you, is I think the overarching theme here.


Derpy pittie brothers Darren and Phillip unquestionably rule the roost at their house. They wear silly outfits, they nap, they eat people-food and the content is written from a first-person (dog?) point of view. Darren and Phillip are living the life and they make mine a little brighter with their antics.



I love his photography. It’s unique and clever, he very clearly loves his dog to the moon and back and there is no doubt in my mind that the feeling is mutual. I can feel my blood pressure drop when his name pops up in my feed.


Confession #1 – I’m a GSP mom. There, it’s out. I have watched little Piper grow up on Instagram and she is just as silly and adorable as my own little girl Jester. I feel like they would be friends.



Confession #2 – dogs in slouchy hats make me laugh. Otis owns the slouchy hat look. His page is another silly, happy feed the makes me forget my own worries and woes.

When the internet can’t cut it, my own girls Jester and Windy are all the medicine I need.



Rachel’s Top 5



If you’re looking for 3 of the most majestic (and fluffy) huskies out there, then this is the page for you. Zeus, Thunder, & Oakley are truly #huskygoals. Their owner frequently takes them to the most beautiful landscapes for breathtaking shoots.



No, this cat didn’t just wake up from a wild nap. Atchoum the Persian kitty has a rare condition called hypertricosis, also known as werewolf syndrome, which causes fast and continual hair growth. I personally can’t get enough of his bowties and mad scientist-like expressions.


Although Wally has crossed the rainbow bridge, his siblings Otis and Suki are just as adorable. These two English Angora rabbits are sure to brighten up your day with their crazy haircuts and hoppin’ personalities. Not to mention the captions are pure gold.


Thor is a gorgeous Bengal Cat that is prettier than most people I know. He captions the pictures that his “servant” takes of him with his own thoughts, and let me tell you he is quite the shrimp-loving ladies’ man.



So. Much. Smoosh. Tonkey the bear-coat Shar Pei (really, I’m convinced she’s actually part teddy bear) is the cutest ball of wrinkles I’ve ever seen. Look at the face. Follow the face.

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